Emotional, verbal and sexual buse by husband and desertion

What actions can be taken against my husband and my mother-in-law apart from filing for 498a? I got married in Feb 2015 and from the day one my husband started to harass me emotionally in the name of his parents as they are instigating him to behave so. My husband and mother-in-law is a compulsive liar and have happend to be lied on everything at the time of our marriage. I am a working woman and it was all discussed before our marriage that I would continue my work and would visit my husband's job place every weekend as he used to stay in a different city which is 5-6 hours travel from mine. This arrangement was made as his job was a contract one. However soon after our marriage he started behaving very odd. He used to call me everyday to abuse and insult me and my parents and forced me to leave my job which I did too and stayed back with him. However, he lost his job and I had to join back my service to support our household expenses and took care of the entire fiancial things for almost 6 months while he being at home.Though he worked in a good position with a good salary he has never given me any financial support since the time we are married. Since the day one of our apart from being extremely verbally abusive he abused me sexually too without any consideration of my health or mental condition. Even he didnt lke me to talk or call my parents and tried to control my space deliberately. Though we stayed in a different city , away from his mother but she used to instigate my husband over phone frequently against me and my parents. Even she interferes in our private life too.Actually my mother in-law doesnt want us to remain married. Currently the situation has taken an ugly turn and my husband has abandoned me and went back to his native to stay with his mother and has without every communication with me since last 2 months. He said that he doesnt owe any responsibilities towards me. Once he got the job again, he pressurized me to leave my job again so that he can economically abuse me too. For the last 6 month he was working abroad and was earning well, but again due to his whimsical attitude he again lost his job, but this time he lied to me and went back to his village so that he doesnt have to bear any expenses on our separate household as instructed by his mother. He has never been supportive neither emotionally nor financially. I want to take step against this injustice. I have faced extreme emotional, sexual and verbal abuse by my husband and his mother (but there were no demands for dowry), I am totally confused and my life is in mess. Please advice what is the right step to take in this situation.