Need Advise : wanna to file a divorce case

Am working in a government sector,I don't have kids from past 4 years of marriage life . I have showed to many doctors it was of no use, one doctor said my wife cannot conceive and my wife said she will not get periods. i am thinking to do second marriage by keeping my 1st wife and I will take care of both. but many matches are ready to give if I give divorce to my first wife. apart from that i came to know my wife doing black magic on me and my parents and there family is behaving rudely after they came to know i have a thought of doing 2 marriage. in this scenario, i am thinking to take divorce as she may surely do some thing wrong to my second wife if i do second marriage. My parents are worried about me , even i am not able to concentrate as many relatives are saying they will file a false complaint against your parents and chances are there you will loose your government job. am ready to fight for my future generation,Please advise whether if i file ask for an divorce, if my wife files wrong complaint will my parents will be under Jail, will I loose job. My native is in Andhra Pradesh and am working in Chattisgarh