Regarding divorce

Hi sir. I got married in 2015 june. my husband works in UAE from past 8 years. we stayed together only for 20 days. after marriage he went back to UAE on work. he promised me to take to UAE within 6 months. 1 month before of marriage i left my job. after our marriage we both used be very happy till 4 months. he used to call me daily. once he left to abroad his mother started insulting me and started interfere in our matter. from October 2015 my husband had stopped talking to me over phone even message. from 2016 i am at parental house and trying for a job. in june 2016 he came back to India and applied for divorce. i was shocked when i saw that divorce notice. i tried to not to give him. but he is not convinced. Now i applied for monthly alimony. i do not want divorce. My age is 31 and his age is 35. He earning 60000 per month. In his notice he mentioned that i am a lair and i have suicidal tendency. Sir how to win this case. I want my husband.? How much alimony will i get from his.