Divorce against wife for misbehaving and threatening.

Dear sir, my question is,can i file a complaint or a divorce against my wife for misbehaving and threatening,as she always threatens to commit suicide for normal things,always go against our family rules and rites.Its only been 6 months of our marriage.She has left my house two months ago in front of us blaming me as transgender,as she is saying that she has saw me in girls cloth in the bathroom from a hole,i mean this is ridiculous,,the actual thing is she has some kind of infection in her womb tissue which her family didnt told us before marriage,because of that i didnt go for physical relation by understanding her pain,,but still she went against me..blaming me as another kind. I dont understand what is all this going on,need your urgent help as i dont have any proof of she threatens me etc..Her family too supports her for this. Her family decided to put a meeting for this,.i am ready for this but i cant ruin my future ahead..can you suggest anything where i can complaint or file divorce without any hesitation as i am from poor family.