Contract breach

I was a teacher in a private school of punjab .i was on contract of 2 years then after completion of 2 years they extend contract again for 2 years. Acc. To their contract i cannot leave the job in between of contract time if i leave they will no give experience certificate security and balance salary . But after 2 months from extention i got another govt teacher job on contract basis so i demanded my experience and security but they deny to give them and said your job is not regular so you r not entitled to experience certificate and security then i filled a written complaint to chairman punjab education board about experience certificate and security and i also add one line that school take cash back from me of 2000 rs after depositing 8000rs in my account . Firstly they send me letter to get experience certificate . But they send another letter not to give experience certificate . And school filled a civil suit against me of compensation of 5 lakh as in complaint i written about cash back of 2000rs .so what could happen in this case and how to save from this situation and is this case can affect my other govt job please suggest