Can i apply for conjugal rights?how much lawyers charge for that?

I got married march 2015.From that day my husband and inlaws torture me mentally physically for extra dowry and pregnancy.But still i want to be with my husband without any mistake.Our persnl life is not good but inlaws torture for pregnancy.He leave me alone from 2 months.Even they spread rumours about my charcter to cover their i file case on them police station they gave me divorce notice.They apply for divorce before 1 month but they hide the notice from me.They dont have any strong reason to leave me.but my in laws want to marry him again so they apply for they are blaming me that i did all this for money.from 2 years they didnt allow me to job or further studies.i take money from my parents for my needs.still they talk like that i did all this for money like that.He didnt respond for counscelling also.His parents brainwash him for he even didnt came home from 2 months.what can i do now?i want to live with my husband.can i apply for conjugal rights?how much time it take to grant?how much cost to file notice.please suggest me what should i do to live with my husband without any torture?