Inheritance of house after Father expired

This case is for Kanpur Nagar under Kanpur Nagar Nigam. My Father expired in August and left a registered will in my name. My mother expired 8 years back. I am the only son. I have hired a reputed Lawyer who is also a retired professor from a law college) for transfer of a house in my name. This Lawyer is not sticking to his commitments and is shifting the date one month ahead each time for complete transfer in my name. First instance he gave date of Oct end, than Nov End and Now mid January. Now my questions are as follows:- 1] What is procedure for transfer i.e Mutation will be done first or Relinquish Deed will be made first and how much time and money it takes to complete these jobs. 2] Lawyer has not taken my signature in any bond or affidavit but he is claiming that fee at registrar office has been paid and publication has been. Is there something fishy in this??? 3] Lawyer is claiming that final mutation order comes after 90 days of application. Is this true?? Incase false than what is correct duration. 4] Can Lawyer do any illegal transaction/activity with the photocopies I have given to him to complete this transfer task. Incase yes how can I get rid of him?? Incase no than how can I get assured. 4]