Benami arji

A person is harassing me constantly for the past 1 year, filing what police call 'benami arji', under the pretext of a girl studying in 9th STD. The sections applied to in my case are 116/3 and 107. I have always read the application thoroughly, and nowhere it mentions the applicants name. The application mentions that I harass the girl, with my name , my car number and my contact number. How can a girl know to file benami arji' and post it to the police station, the collectors office and magistrate office. The worst part is that it's illogical for such a girl to pinpoint my name, my address along with my phone number. Last and most of all, I am a 48 yr old man, I have no interest to harass a girl, let alone someone from 9th STD, almost of my granddaughter. I have been mentally harrassed by someone. The police keep telling me that there is no name of the applicant as it's under 'benami' arji'. Have I no right to know the name of my torturer who has punished me for 2 yrs constantly under such benami arji'??? If yes then plz help me and show me the way.