Dowry case against groom and family

The family initially did not insist on dowry. They agreed for what ever expenses we were going to make for the marriage. The guy promised me that nobody would ask for car, even if they ask he said he will manage Them. But a week before marriage his mom demanded for a car, and also told my dad that only if we agree to get a car for marriage, the groom would come for the engagement. My parents were stressed because of this and they agreed to give them the car. But now the guy says he is not interested in me because I am not behaving affectionately with him. I am only talking formally it seems. And he says I or my family members should not fight like this for this issue instead should agree to them because that's how the groom side will be (dominant ) I don't want this marriage to happen because I doubt if I'll have a peaceful life there. but there is a monetary loss for us due to the engagement. And also the marriage hall has been booked after confirmation of marriage date from them. The hall won't refund the money it seems. My name will completely spoiled because of cancelling the marriage after engagement. What necessary action can be taken against the groom and his family now? We have the WhatsApp conversations between the groom and Bride (me)