Age fraud, Barren Wife and regular police complain by her.

Hello Sir I am suffering from mental harassment and domestic violence from my wife. She had filed complaint in police and they have assaulted me and we have been sent to mediation.She said that she wants to come back on some conditions and I asked her to sign MOU and Apology on Affidavit, but she didn't agree on that in 3rd mediation which was held in Bharosa in Hyderabad. She again kept 4 counselling but I have not attended it .e will she is barren and at the time of marriage she and her family fraud the age of her. It been 2 years of marriage she has not conceive till yet. She does not have Sexual urge.I have spent a lot on medical things but still no result It is also 2 years since our marriage. I am Muslim and I want to file mental harassment, domestic violence and cheating case against her and her family. Ever time small argument happen which she starts on pitty issue she call her family walks out with valuable of house of mine I do want submit my complaint in court as I have done police complaint but no action was taken last year. Can you let me know the procedure to file a complaint in court, its cost and duration court take action on her and her family. I know She will backfire with 498a or other case but I am ready to face that things as well. I have lost job because of her going to police and regular harassment she done on me.She is educated and she was earning before marriage. Please advice me