Ancestry property

Hi, Ive recently come into a financial binding aggrement with my wife of 6yrs here in Australia. We were married in Nov 2010, in India and since then lived here. All agrements have been drafted after living separately for more than 7mths and coming to the conclusions that we cannot be together. Im on the title of an ancestral house in india with my mother where they reside currently . I have no financial intrest in the property except for the fact that my name was used to assist in securing a bank loan which was paid off by my dad. 1) My question is that can she at any given time return back to india and file for a property claim after settlement here in Australia considering this property in question was never involved to ascertain the complete assest pool when the financial aggrement was drawn up.? 2) is there a way to determine if she has any properties or part holder along with her mother considering its just her sister and mum along with her in the family? Look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thanks