Will made by expired father under daughter name

Hello Sir, my name is deepa kumari,my father expired few days back suffering from cancer and he was fighting a case against my brother's second wife as she has overtaken our house forcefully.this is her third marriage with my elder brother.my brother has two children from his first wife and 1 child from present wife against whom he is fighting a divorce case and she was going off the track so much.she used beat up my bro ,use false language for me ,my mother and father.we were fed up of her and scared of her three brothers those who were using their sister to bug people and thats how this is her third marriage with my brother.after bearing so much she forced my brother to file divorce.my brother's first wife died natural causes.i am a divoce ...by brother's current wife had 1 child from her 2nd marriage and 1 from my brother.she already been divorsed twice with 2 other guys and now she has been married at third place with my brother and from past 5 years.once my brother filed divorce and been advised by his lawyer to stay on rent for few days and within those daysas she forcefully entered into our place with the help of her 3 brothers without our concent.now that my brother is fighting his divorse case and my father left his will under my name.she is living in that house from past 3 years and we are living on rent close by since then.we left that house as the lawyer advised to live on rent for days and within that time frame she and her 3 brothers broke into that house and we have recorded video while she was doing as we been told by neighbours.previously my father was fighting that case against her being entering that house illegally and now when he is no more it is getting transfered to my name.please advise what should i do and what are my rights as divorced daughter and having my fathers will of that house under my name. Regards Harman