Wife threatens to file case

Dear Sir, I belong to Hyderabad and I have been working in Saudi Arabia since last 6 years. I found a hyderabadi girl in Saudi Arabia and fallen in love with her. She was also working here but after two years we decided to get married then she left to India and then i also visited to India then we got married without consent of my parents but girl family knows everything my wife is 5 years older than me but still I married her because she doesn't have her father and she is from a poor family and even she was having an affair before marriage. after a year of our marriage she started harassing me, torturing me but I beared all the pain and continues to live with her one more year passed and we got a baby boy and now he is 6 months old and my wife is living in India now with her mother so I told her to come back and live with me here in Saudi but she refused and she wants me to take her to my parents’ home which is not possible for me because my father is paralyzed and blood clot in his brain so I don’t want to give them any shock that’s why I told her I will take her later but she is not listening and she started threatening me by saying she will file a false case against me and my family. But her mother is against her and she is fighting With her mother, sisters, brothers, using vulgar words. her own family don't like her because she is torturing everybody and threatening everybody and her family members always support me instead of supporting her own daughter because she always used torture everybody by threatening she will file a false case against me and her parents. My family never involved in this matter in fact they don’t even know that I already got married. Since i got married to her I am suffering a lot sometimes I feel like to do suicide instead living with my devil wife. Now she started again threatening me by saying I should accept her in front of parents or else she will file a case against me and my parents. I don’t know what step I should take. I am just going mad to think about it. We are from a respected family never even heard a police word and her own mom brother’s sisters against her nobody like her. She becomes like devil. Please advice. Kind regards, Sameer Khan