Permanent Injunction, Declaration and Recovery of Pocession

Dear sir, In 1998 I have purchased the Plot from the sellers through their power of agent. In 1999 after 6 months from the date of purchase they have cancelled the power due to money transaction problem. My counsel advised to go for the permanent injuction suit and we have filed the same in 2005. After filing the the sellers taken pocession and converted it as agricultural land and shown to court through the advocate commisioner. But we have the evidence of Caveat petition filed by them as plot and also the court advised us to go for the declaration and recovery of pocession and we have filed the suit for the same prayer in 2009. This year beginning we seen the land was kept empty and immediately we have taken pocession and put the compound wall and put a small room and put a person for security. The defendents have filed a suit just 2 months before under specific relief act for the declaration, recovery of pocession and permanent injuction and temporary injunction for Tamilnadu Electricity persons not to give power connection. We have quit surprised that for the 40 lakhs property Rs. 1,000 only paid as stamp duty and after limitation admission has been given by the Alandur Court, (Chennai) My counsel is advising me to go for the rejection of plaint under Order 7 rule 11. Is it correct?? or what we have to do further. Court has given Interim order to stop the construction activities. 1. To get EB connection 2. To quash the recent case filed by the defendents. With best regards, N. MOHAN Chennai