Visa and divorse

Hello sir, I had met a person on then we enggaed by convincing our family,though my family ws not ready for this due to his low education but i loved him alot. His aim was to go abroad,nd he ws planned to get visa by being dependent on me. So that we had done court marrige. He had paid money for my IELTS exam. But,now he got visa of 8 years of canada nd he mentaly torchers me alot. Due to this torcher i m not going to marry him as per formal marrige which is fixed on 3rd december. Nd m getting divorce frm civil marrige too. I think he just played game against me,he used me for his purpose. Even he used me physically too. Once he tried to make physical relation forcefully too. He ws not getting visa from past 10 years. He is not giving my passport. He was not loyal person. He had hide many things from me. He was lier. I want to file case against him so that his visa get canclled. He is cheap person. I dont know howmany girlz have bcame victim of his cheap behaviour. Please help me to solve my question. What to do ? And where to go for file case against him?