Dowry and mental harassment

My in laws asked gold ornaments, furniture, and all other goods from my parents in form of dowry. My parents were fulfilled all demands but from first day of my marriage my mother in law started abusing me and my parents in front of me, she treat me like a servant. I am a working girl so I joined my job back after wedding, then my husband and in laws forced me to give my entire salary to either my mother in law or husband. They verbally abused and harass me mentally for asking money. I ask them where the amount is going to utilized because all the household requirement I am completing from my salary. And lot of amount is coming from different sources in month like my husband has Rs-60000/- salary, Elder brother in laws has approx. Rs-40000/- salary, my father in laws has pension approx. Rs-10000/- other than this they have three rented flats which give approx Rs-15000/-. Then also they verbally abused and harass me mentally. My husband said to me if you don’t want to give salary then take your bag and go to your parent’s home. I went to my parent’s home. After 2 months he decided that both of us will stay at my owed flat, I agreed to stay with him in my home, my in-laws then give us blessing to carry out happy family life but when we went there my husband started more drinking and smoking, he used to come late at home and started quarrel with me and abusing me mentally and even physically. After that we were trying for baby, it is found from the testing he has 13 million sperm count which is poor for male fertility. I don’t want to live with my in-laws as they keep asking for money and will certainly harass me but my husband forced me to stay with them which I denied. My husband left me alone at my home and he is not ready to take any responsibility of me, my in-laws also break all contact with me. Now my husband has filled divorce petition under section 13-A. in that he put false blame on me and my family. I thought everything will settle down as time passes hence I had not file any police complaint but I have medical reports and mobile audio recording please guide me. It’s really urgent for me to know.