Rented property to be vacated

I am Pravin Pachpor , rented my three storied house to a person/company director. and after four months of accommodation , I came know to a week ago from news paper that police of three states are after him for bouncing of cheques related to his business. Now he is behind bars from last one week waiting for bail. And I was after him for payment of rent since two months. His office at other premises is seized by police. pl note that He is yet to start the operations from rented property of mine. He made new furniture in my house. eleven months agrrement is done ( notarised one ) started from July 2016. Till date he has not paid two months rent My questions are : 1. Can police seize my house( given to him on rent) also , 2. As I am not getting rent I am unable to pay the bank loan instalment what should I do? 3. If suppose I go to bank from which I took loan , and tell that I am unable to pay the installment , then what bank shall do with him? 4. Some lawayer advised me not to issue a legal notice as he is not paying rent , since it will take long time ( yrs ) to set the things right. 5. As he is behind bars neither of his employees take a risk to talk to me , and I am unable to talk to him directly. what should I do. pl advise me suitably