Un-partitioned gifted property

Sir . I am from hoogly, My father and uncle get 16 satak of BASTU Vita from grandfather (50% each). My father was also owner of 2 bigha Sali land (-1bigha from his father and 1 bigha from his brothers share of grand fathers land by purchase ). Latter my father first gifted 4 satak of vita to my sister by a gift deed . Then 8 satak bastu and 1.5 bigha out of 2bigha Sali land gifted jointly to my sister and me in 50-50 share in a separate gift deed(2nd). And remain 4 satak of bastu with house gifted to my elder brother by gift deed along with blueprint. Latter my sister gave me 50% of 2nd deed through gift deed again. My elder brother, my sister and me made mutation this land. My father or we never made any partition deed . According to Dag NO. owners are- my uncle 16 satak (50%),me -8 satak (25%),elder brother 4satek (12.5%), sister 4 satak (12.5% ) of bastu. At Sali land I am owner of 75% and my father 25%. My father had died at December 2004, brother died 2010, Now my brother’s family encroach my bastu land forcibly. In this situation please advise me Will any Question arise regarding my ownership of said land if I move to court. how can I evict them from my property , can I sale the property, what should I do.