Dear sir My brother got married in April 2016. Before marriage she pretended that she respects elders and she is a genuine girl who wants to settle down. As she got married she was completely different. Always miss behaving with my parents and brother. Not ready to listen or understand anything if we try to tell about our family customs she says I won't do anything if you want sit and discuss what we have to do .. it was like she never wanted to be a part of a family. Suddenly my brother suspected her on something and he puts call recorder in her Mobile and later he got to know that she had lot of illegal relationship with boys . Immediately he decided to leave her at her place and he did it . Now they are not together. My brother spoke to her relatives and got to know that she has never been a good and sensible girl she never ever followed her own elders as well. She lived with a person for 8-10 years in live in relation and has affair with other men as well. We also got to know that before marriage she sold out her grand mothers property without concent of any elder in her family. Please let me know how to come out of this relationship smoothly with any trouble.