Divorce and custody of 2 and half year old child

I am muslim. My husband does not support me in anything. he never believes me and never takes any stand even in case of our child(as my mother in law who is very possessive and competitive keeps manipulating him). I had to stay hungry when I was pregnant as I was not able too cook as much as I used to since 7 months pregnancy. I had to come to my parental home at 8 moths as my and my baby's weight would not increase. I went back to my in laws when my baby was 2 1/2 months old. my mother in law started causing mental harassment again by always being unhappy with our maid whenever she wud do our work. I offered to reduce our maids work by doing it myself to satisfy her and nursing my child equally efficiently so that he is not malnutritioned. I asked for my husbands support but he ignored. and only when my baby was a year old they brought a maid. My husband would even shop for my baby as instructed by his mother so that I don't eat that. I had to fight for that too. My mother in law later started to distance my child from me. she even taught him to call me by name and to call her maa. she even started playing a game where she to takes a bag and goes when my baby wud walk towards the room I wud b in. I told my husband but he wud say she was only playing. I have to fight alone for everything and she wud show my fight to the neighbours. I have lost all patience and I started yelling at my husband and even my mother in law when things comes to my child. When she saw this weakness she has started instigating me and show others that I create scene. now I have another problem, my sister in law who even earlier wud make me uncomfortable by the way she treats husband, now has started instigating me. I would earlier ignore it as they stay in a separate city and wud not see much moves from my husband. by this time when she with her 1 year old baby always tries to feed her baby openly whenever my husband is around. I tried to hint everybody indirectly by clearly enough but my mother in law supported her only and my husband abused me and my family. I do not have any proof or anything except for the medical files that shows how my health deteriorated. I want divorce and custody of my child. can you suggest what I can do.