I met a guy and became friends with him. We got a little physically close and sent flirty text messages but I made it clear I just want to remain friends. After one month I moved to a different city and he started calling me continuously. I didnt like his behaviour and told him I dont want him to contact me so he started calling me 100 times a day and threatening me to spoil my image. He kept mentally harassing me by threatening and forcing me to talk. After 2 months on his request to meet last time I met him and he tried to touch me inappropriately. He tried forcing me and even after that incident he kept trying to contact me through phone and social media. I had given a police complain and he gave an apology in writing. But after a month he again started contacting me and spoiling my image. Due to this I filed an FIR last month. They have put section 354 A, 354 D and 509. Please guide me on how to go ahead with this as he may use old text messages to turn the case against me. I have evidences of his 120 missed calls and a call recording of him threatening me.