Tenant not paying rent and refuses to vacate

I have leased my flat to a tenant for 3 years beginning 1st May 2016 with a lock in period of 1 year. The tenant has paid rent for first 4 months only i.e. May, June, July and August. No rent has been paid thereafter for the months of Sept, Oct and Nov. Not only that, he refused to pay electric bill for the first 4 months stating that it far exceeds his usage. As a result, the power company confiscated the meter due to non payment. So I, the landlord paid the electric bill. We sent him a notice in Sept to either vacate the premises or pay the outstanding dues to which he did not reply. He was always unavailable when we tried to contact him. Finally, we managed to contact him on Nov 2nd and asked him to either pay the outstanding rent for 3 months or vacate the premises by 10th. He outright refused referring to a clause in the lease agreement which states that if any of the parties cancels the agreement before the lock in period, they are liable to pay the other party an amount of Rs.60k. He now demands the amount from us to vacate our flat. When we informed him that he has dishonored the agreement by not paying the rent and hence the clause is not applicable, he threatens to go to court. Please advise on what options do we have to recover our rent and/or vacate our flat. Thanks