304A - Acquitted. Need clarification on applying for passport.

I had an accident in Jan 2013 while driving on a highway and was booked under Section 304A. I was acquitted on this case. The exact words that was there in the final judgement copy is as follows "Accused is found not guilty for the offence U/Sec.304 A lPC and he is acquitted u/s 255 (1) Cr.P.C. The bail bonds of accused shall stands canceled." The case was closed July 2014 (almost a year and half after the case was booked). The question I have is this. I am currently holding my third passport and need to renew my passport again. There is a question in the passport application form which asks "Have you ever been charged with criminal proceedings or any arrest warrant/ summon pending before a court of India?" Can you pls let me know if I need to answer Yes or No to the above question. If I mark it as Yes, it is asking for further details like Name & Place of court, Case / FIR # and Law and Section. I am not sure how this will also affect my application. Also, my US VISA is also up for renewal next year and I would like to know how I need to respond to this question. Thanks in advance for your response on this