To Get Issue of Injunction Order

Respected Sir, My self Santhosh,this is to convey through this details to be given below.My grandfather(Jellaji) who had being passed away also my grandmother(Gangabai) likely.After there death several disputes were came out on partition of cultivating land which is around 60-80 acres.Here,my grandfather doesn't distributed the land legally among the sons and to your notice that my father was also been expired.Though we are cultivating the given land by our father which is legally registered.Making you to notice that my grandfather and grandma 's land is being cultivating illegally without permission of other shareholders by my elder uncle (Nanajii).In this regard,I want to know that i there any possibility of issue of INJUNCTION order and also distribution of farmlands to all descendants equally.Here,I want you to notice kindly that my aunts also are in need to get legal part of the farmland as per their right from the court circumstances.As I have been told above that having of all necessary documents,identity of family members from gov't likely. Therefore,please kindly assure that possibility of getting Injunction to stop cultivating farmland illegally by my uncle as soon as possible immediately.Here,given below names of thr descendants Father:Parchake Jellaji(10/10/2002) Mother: Parchake Ganga Bai(1/9/2013) Descendants: 1.Parchake Balaji(Son) 2.Parchake Nanaji(Son) 3.Parchake Dadaji(Son) 4.Kinnake Rukma Bai(Daughter) 5.Soyam Padma(Daughter) 6.Parchake Santhosh(Grandson) Here,Father of Parchake Santhosh had been expired but his mother namely Parchake Kamala Bai is still alive. Thanking you sir.