My husband leased my house and is absonding.

I am paying the EMI for house for past 3 yrs. My 90% of salary goes to EMI.. Once due to health issue i was in my mom house for treatment . that time he said he is going to rent house and we can shift house near mom house but he has leased my house and took 6L money and spent it all. My husband is not working for past 4 yrs and did some business withot my knowledge and lost huge money in it ,, even now he is not working.. after knowing that he leased my house i quarelled with him and came to my mom house. Recently iam stuggling to go to job as i got uterus issues and docgtor told me to take bed rest for 6 motnhs. I need to sell the house but i dont have money to give the lesse. i tried reaching the broker and the other ppl they all say it wont go beyng 30 L .. my loan outstaing is 27 L and i pay 28k monthly emi.. If i sell for 30L i need to pay bank 27l for outstaing loan and remaning i need to support myself and my kid.. till i recover and go back to work.. Pl advice what legal procedings i can do to make that lesse vacate my house. House is in my name, emi is getting passed in my salary account , My husband put lease agreemtn in his name and took 6l money in his account without giving me a penny.