Filing of Divorce

Sir, I have been married for 11 Years. After marriage some how I have been trying to live with her amicably and with love and care. She is mentally sick and made all my family members into a crises. She forced me to separate from my Family. Then she started treating me like servant. I am in a touring Job. When I come back to home she misbehaved and many a times abused me physically. Following are the major misconducts she had done with me. 1. Threaten to Commit suicide 2. Thrice she flew from my house with out giving me any clue 3. She threw my family out from my house and Abused my Father and other family members 4. She victimized me that I am impotent on the contrary she is unable to bear any Child that has been proved by the Doctors 5. She always called her Parents and all of them mentally tortured me 6. The same has been highlighted to Village Panchyat for amicable Divorce 7.In the presence of Village Panchyat she accepted all her Faults. 8. Due to her misconduct and violence twice I had to vacate my house. 9. She left from my house for the past 5 Months and now threatening me to lodge a complain for domestic violence 10. We adapted a Child from a Kind Hindu family (As she will never able to become mother). She alighted me that the Child is not a legitimate and I have extra marital affair 11. She abused all my family members my Seniors and officials 12. No one is ready to Give me house on rent 13. I have fear that she will again commit suicide or poison me 14. She is mentally sick and we do not have any physical relationship for Last one Year Given the above situation I do not want to continue the relationship, please advice Regards Suresh Marathe