Should I reply for the notice sent by my husband ?

Hie sir , Ours is an arranged marriage and it took place in November 2 2015 . Initially for the period of six months we had some good moments and bad fights too .From April 2016 the actuall problem took place .My husband is having ego issues .In the beginning for 6 months I used to compromise and tell him sorry for everything no matter whether the mistake is mine or his . There is no compromising mentality for him .after 6 months we had a big fight and there of no mistake of me so I was waiting for him to talk and it became worse .Instead of talking with me he waited for 3 days for me to talk and took the issue infront of my parents and asked them to keep me in there home only and left me in my parents home and went .But I don't want to make the issue bigger and I have called him and went back to my marital home .But from that day he started having issues with my parents and started blaming me and my parents for everything .i have stopped talking to my parents too as he created a negative impression on them.even though I was not speaking to them he used to take their topic and torture me mentally .My mother was operated with a surgery and he did not allow me to see my mother also .But things started going worse .My parents also don't want to interfere between us and they don't even call me ones in 3 months .they thought of we both were happy that's enough for them .But I was like one side having parents and not talking with them for 3 months and one side my husband having issues with my parents unnecessarily and torturing me .I've lost my patience in August when we had a big fight regarding this issue and left my marital house and came to my parents place thinking that he would come for me and solve his issues and take me back .but it's been three and half months since I came and there was a meeting arranged in August and my husband did not even talk about the issue and spoke some unnecessary stuff about me and no problem was solved .during that meeting he was like proving everyone that I'm worth for nothing and I'm waste less creature .i was broken that day and I have decided to break my relation with him .then we have kept calm waiting for him to come with a solution .he then sent a lawyer notice recently that my parents are involving in our life and they are ruining our marriage and asked me to send back within 15 days of notice ..but the fact is that my parents have never interfered in our issues .it was him who involved them ..even though they kept calm .i have come to my parents home so that he will solve his misunderstandings with my parents .but he is still in a process of blaming them ..what should I do now ? Few points about my husband .1- he is egoistic ,2- he is narcissist who never accepts his mistake and constantly blame others for his mistake .I've come to my parents home thinking that he will change and know his mistake .but I've understood that he will never change ..its been three and half month since I came to my parents home. There was not even a single phone call or message from him in this period .so I'm now like I just wanted to get out of this relation ship where there is no love and affection and understanding.i can't bear it any more .should I reply for the legal notice sent by him ? If so what should I reply ? Or can i send him divorce notice directly ?