Property rights about grandson's

My grandfather age(90) my grandmother 70.they have 5 sons 1 daughter. First son 56 married 3 son's Second son 54 married 3 daughter's Third son 52 married 3 daughter's Fourth DAUGHTER 50 married 2sons 1 daughter Fifth son 48 married 3 daughter's sixth son 46 married 2 daughter's. My grandfather and grandmother have some propertys. 1 house present living and 4 sites in town. 1 Accra site near the end of town. They decided to share property to equal to 7 shares including my grandparents. But they didn't share equal shares. they give house to her daughter after they died house goto daughter's son's not his granddaughter. Registered 2009 House above 60lacks - 70lacks..2 shares And other 4 sites in town to share 5sons.NOT registered 2016 nov Sites above 80lacks-90lacks.5shares They agreed about this shares bcz her sister divided her husband. 1 Accra site 7 shares cost 5 - 6 crores Now my grandparents are thinking to give are write his share to her daughter's son's. Like house So what we do now? If they write share to daughter's sons. What i can do? We have any rights to clam the share? Tell me about my rights bcz we are 3 grandson's of my entire family. Im one of the 3 grandson's. Im married with my only one sister in law. She dnt get share his mother.she have any rights