Divorce without my consent

Please guide as me and my wife fell in love in 2010 and due to opposition from her family we got married in court in 7 Dec 2012 and decided to stay with respective family so that we can convince her parents and her graduation was going on however they were not getting convinced 2013 she completed her degrre and then applied for MBA as well as her father was never ready and even her elder sister was at home at the age of 28. We have a age doff of 13 yrs however it was our love we didn't wanted to step back 2015 end finally her parents got convinced seems half heartedly and we got engaged on 3rd january 2016 and as I was switching jobs we decided to get married on 20 Nov 2016. I had been working in dubai last 8 years but regularly I come to c my wife and my parents which only made our relation stronger however we have never loved under one roof ever. Now there was an instance where I found my wife chatting with a friend and not sharing with me complete details so I had questioned while I was in dubai. However this incident also got sorted but my father in law took this opportunity and brain washed my wife saying he is doubting you and you can bit be happy with this person and when emotional asked her y u can't leave such man she informed them ki we got married but her father said that in that case they will take divorce. And somehow she got convinced and now asking divorce on the ground that I doubted her which was sorted.they closed all mode of communication and not replying to any mess or mails. what should I do. I was also not allowed to meet even once Alone so that I can convince her. . I don't want to divorce her and I have been loyal to her. But they are adamant now were asking for mutual divorce which I denied now treating me that wait for notice we will.fie a legal case. What should I do I simple wants to keep this relationship and get my wife as both are from well to do family we have not demanded anything ever for them and even In engagement in gave god worth 1.5lakh they are not returning now saying take from court. What to do please suggest