Confiscation of Mobile Phone by School Vice Principal holding it

Dear Sir, My Mobile Phone was taken by my son to the school on Children’s Day i.e on 12 Nov 2016 and the Mobile Phone is Confiscated by the School Vice Principle then on information i went to the school and asked Vice Principal to give back my Mobile Phone which is with her but she was not willing to give back my Mobile Phone .Then i asked her to give in writing for i.e My Mobile Phone is under her custody which she denied and not willing to give in writing the same. So My Mobile Phone is holding illegally with School Vice Principal. Now i have some Urgent and Emergency incoming and outgoing calls. So now what i can do in this situation. At present i have abnormal pulse rate beating and chest pain and i do not have mobile phone with me to call 100 or 108 to take me to hospital in case of emergency then what if i die then who will be responsible in case of my death. If I give Police Complaint on this issue will it affect my child or me or Vice Principal will be legally Punished for illegally holding my Mobile Phone which I need it very badly for emergency. Please help me and need your valuable legal advice Thanking you Your's faithfully Seku.Madhu Mobile.No.[deleted] with school holding it illegally