Harrassment from a girl

Dear Lawyers, I seek some valuable advice from your esteem profession. My name Amit (name changed for identity issue). I met a girl back in 2013 and have known her since. We were friends in starting but after we started liking each other. But it was after knowing her only i realised she was possesive and authoritative woman. I tried breaking up with her but she harrassed me by calling me 100 150 times a day. She threatened to create a scene an inform my family and spoil our reputation. I kept relation with her as i was forced to. I had some personal problems and was sacked from my job. She promised to help me and we went on a holiday. There she wanted to act like my wife so she put sindoor and mangal sutra which i dint like but she dint listened me and we dint get physical during that time. She took pictures where she is seen with sindoor and mangal sutra and now she is asking me to marry her legally. I tried confronting her but she is not listening and threthens me to ruin my life and career if i dont do she desire. She tried trespassing my house and i was forced to take her to police station where she started crying and police advised me to sort out our differences as they cant do anything because there is no legal document which says we are married. Just those pictures which she took. She tried giving me threat that her dad will bring all goons and force me to marry her or she has taken a advise from matrimonial lawyer saying she has right to do whatever she likes to me. I have got all mails, messages and recording where she is bothering me and talking nonsense. She has given me warning that if i dont marry her she will give me legal notice My question is what arey rights in such scenario and do i have anything to worry about since she is forcing me to marry her.