Marriage problem

Dear sir, I have some issues. Please look at this: 1. My husband beleives only her mother & her big sister. He doesn’t beleive me. my mother in laws & his big sister tell about me-- 'I am very bad, my husband will not be able to stay with me. I am dikini, jogini. & my husband beleives all & tells me with very bad language & dnt respect on me. If I tell him my personal matter, thn all matters he talk to her mother & sister. After that full family quarrel with me. All things tell to all family member. And I am very shocked & getting mentally pain that I never say to my husband. My husband has a relationshp with his big sister that his mother support this. I saw many sentense about their relationshp over whatsapp. I has asked to my husband about this. Then my husband told me ‘ dnt & never touch my mobile’. My mobile has many imaptant docs which will not be see to u. 2. My in-laws wanted to get all my gold jwellers. I had already locker with my name. But they also want that gold jwellers to keep their locker. They again & again force me. 3. My husband stay in jamshedpur for job purpose. My husband force me to leave my job. But pre marriage he wants to like my job. He told me — job is more important for female. 4. Now, My husband talk to me normally over phone. But he doesnt want to physically attachment. when i asked him then he tells me “i never want u. U forced me then I do this’ then he tells– leave job. 5. I am software engineer by profession. I bear my responsibility. My husband doesn’t bear any responsibilities. If i am getting so ill, then he didn’t asked me &didn’t take any responsibilities. 6. If i tell him about baby , he is got angry on me. & his mother tell me — ‘we dnt knw, what my son want, what he will do or not. 7. I am crying that time & my mother in laws is laughing on me. 8. One day I went to jamshedpur & his mother father was with him. At night, i was touched him & he is telling me "for only physical relationship u have came here? Then tell me , I was leave you after doing physical relation", also told me "why are u telling baby again again, for that reason, you are doing married with me?" This is my situation. I am getting very mentally pain & mentally ill . Please advice me what will be rulles ? What will be punishment