Harassment from husband's family

Hello sir/madam i got married 7 months back.i completed my m.tech.my father said that we didn't give any dowry to any one for my child i gave education as property.so without dowry only my husband married me.but after some days for every small thing my father in law and my husband insist me about dowry.we are willing to ask dowry but your dad declared before that only we didn't give any dowry.so we are help less like that.my mother in law insisting me like she has mtech qualification but she is not intrested to wards job at least if she do job we get something like that.by keeping this thing on their minds they make distance between me my husband. They changed him like which ever their parents told that is right.he totally ignoring me.atleast they didn't consider me like family member they treated me as a slave.every time they grouped like one and give mental harassment to me.now i am totally help less.even my husband is also didn't understand me.their parents filled his mind totally with negative thoughts on me.so 5 days back i came to my parents home i told everything to them.now i am staying with them only i don't like to go there again now what i have to do.can i take any legal action to wards them please suggest me which step i want to take now