Getting divorce within 3 months of getting married.

Dear Lawyers, I have learned that this portal has some brilliant member lawyers. So thought of seeking your advice for my case. My Case: I live and work in the US while my wife works as an eye specialist doctor in india. On Sept 22nd 2016 we registered our marriage which was done not by Hindu rituals but private ceremony. I returned to US 3 days later on Sept 25th 2016. After few days Oct 3rd 2016 my wife decided not to move to US. We had scheduled our Hindu ceremony on Dec 8th 2016 which recently is cancelled. I am now looking to dissolve the marriage registration and divorce my wife. She also agrees and the divorce is with mutual consent. Divorce Reason: My wife found out that she cannot continue her practice in the US until she goes through additional 4 years of training which she is no way ready to put in. Hence, she simply not ready to move to US. I tried convincing her but all efforts went in vain. Questions: 1) As no ceremony was performed like Saat Phera or me putting "Mangal Sutra" on her nor she left her parents house, can I null or void the registration? 2) We never spend even a day together as husband and wife. Can this be sufficient grounds for nulling our marriage? 3) I am 33. If I have to wait for 1.5 yrs (1yr separation and 6months to get official decree) it can ruin my life. This marriage was clear mistake and I want to move on my finding a suitable partner here in the US. Can I make request to court for waiving 1 year separation requirement? 4) I am visiting India again on Dec 1st (initial to get married but now to file for divorce). Can I file for divorce right way under section 13B? 5) If I find a right partner here in the US can I register my marriage here in the US while i am waiting for 1 year separation (under 13B) to get over? 6) Can you, expert lawyers, please show me the way out? Please kindly provide your valuable suggestions. I am in a very serious dilemma. I will be highly thankful to you for your guidance. Regards,