Police aid for construction after delivery of property by court

My family obtained house site patta from Govt. In 1978 extent of 192 sq. yard In Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam. In that extent 88 sq. yards occupied my neighbors in 1985. We filed civil suits at Honorable court for declaration and possession. We obtained decree & judgment (in OS. 490/85, AS 156/90 and SA 70/93) in favour of us in all Sub, District and High Courts. We filed EP in 1993, then property delivered and after two days again occupied same schedule property by respondents. Then we again filed civil suit for recovery of suit schedule property after removing the unauthorized structures. We obtained decree & judgment (in OS. 168/2005, AS 326/2008 and SA 135/2011) in favour of us with permanent injunction in all Sub, District and High Courts. We again filed EP 10/2009, and property delivered 30 Sep 2016 with EAs Police aid, general arrest, lock break. Now also we can't entered in our site. If we try to construct the house or do any work in the schedule property, respondents will attack to us with deadly weapons such as swords. We have lodged 2 complaints at local police station and registered to 2 FIRs. Now we were pray the honorable court for under contempt of court proceedings and police aid for construction in suit schedule property. But Honorable court asked any judgments for similar issues for reference to give for police aid to construction. So kindly give reference for judgments similar issues. Thank you.