What is the future of my child?

I am mother of a 3 yr old girl. my whole pregnancy year 2013, my husband was unemployed, I paid all for my pregnancy as well as household expenses to my mother-in-law. even after the birth of my girl, for 18 months i was not permitted to go to my parents house. they were nt happy she is girl child, hence never showed any affection towards her. Since , I work in a private hospitals with an average salary, from the day my child was born, i paid fro all her expenses, including baby clothes, vaccines, baby food, diaper, including the maid(which i had to keep for the child, since i go to work)my husband or my in laws never helped me in this matter as they were not fond of the girl. they never would take us to any public gathering/abuse us in front of everyone. My in laws are dangerous people, they have tortured like anything post my mariage, my parents are poor people could nt stand a chance with them, hence evrytime they told me surrender to their demands. . Feb 2015 daughter had to be hospitalised due to severe dehydration and lack of care. after her discharge i came to stay with my parents. i started to work from my parents house, where my parents-both retired would look after my child, weekends i would go to my in laws house. this arrangement worked well for 3 months, 3rd May 2015, i went to in laws house, where my husband told me to leave the house, as he declared he had relation with two other women and doesnt want me or my daughter back in his life. I left the house with my child, without a single penny, everything i possess, my gold, my new AC, my money are all there. after that incident my husband very rarely came to my place to see the child, bt never asked us to go back, i told him during this time, to see the child he has to bear her daily expenses, when i demanded this, he wouldnt turn up for weeks. then on Jan 2016, he sends me a Divorce Notice on 13A grounds, stating I am mentally retard, I assualted him and his parents everyday, I have stole 2 bags of gold and diamond jewelry. March 2016 , he contacted me again and asked me to go back with him, I cant trust him anymore, i asked for some time, till today Nov 2016, sundays we went out together so that he and sometimes his parents could spend some time with my child. , just to give this relation a try i complied to all his demands, untill yesterday he has asked for the custody of the child, all of this behind my back, I want to know where do I stand? what about my child future? what i earn per month is not sufficient for her, she requires higher education, fixed assessts, her marriage in near future. my sole income is not that much that I can bear with all these responsibilities. What shall i do? I dnt want my child to grow up without her father, (specially in these last few months for the first time she has become attached to her father, which she didnt get after her birth), I want to give this relation another try for my child's sake, in a separate home, not in presence of my in-laws, they will never let me and my daughter stay in peace. Can u please suggests what shall i do? what is the best interest of my child?