Can I give police comp-lent

One year ago one of my ex-co luge asked a financial help with me and i gave her 5k,when i asked that amount back she started to give lots of nonsense resion and finally she gave me the amount 5100 saying 100 rupees as interest due to this there was a little bit conflict happened between us,she scolded me with bad words,even i did same thing with her after that she started to harassing me and did black mail to me that she will give police comp lent against me. when i did not fear for that and i told her i will inform that to her parents.she gave my number to some her friends and they started to harass me .when i did not respond to there call..she gave my number to one boy and he started to harass me,when i did not responded to his call..he visited my sister house,he harassed her and gave life threatening to me. after 6 month they gave police comp lent on me saying i text her daily and i have given there number to many people etc...police called both of us and took apologize statement sent us back. 3 month back thy again called me and started harassing me,that boy called me and scolded me and my parents very badly with vulgarer i looking forward to give police comp-lent against them. can i give police complement against them..will any problem will happen to me if i give police comp-lent