Domestic vio. and 498A case even after getting monthly maintenace

Dear Sir, My name is Umesh Verma and I m from Ahmedabad city.My wife did three cases 125 CRPC, 498A and domestic violence on me in 2012 at Kanpur, UP. Just two months ago fast track court ordered me to pay 5000/- rs. as interim maintenance to her per month in 125 crpc even I submitted all legal documents like my salary, other responsibilities on me and her education details, her past working exp.but still case in going on. My questions are, 1. Can monthly maintenance will increased than present 5000/- rs. in future after case closed? 2. She demanded 10000/- in domestic violence case, one room and one wash room in my Ahmedabad house ( this house is on my father named ) and she wants to come back at my home., can it possible she can still get 10000/- rs per month in this case and one room in my house even she is getting 5000/- rs from me in 125 CRPC case? 3. What about 498A case if she is getting 5000/- rs from me as per maintence already? Pls note that she is living at kanpur at her home since June'2012. I want to request all of you please guide me. Thanks Umesh Verma