Vehicle loan

I have taken a commercial vehicle loan from sbi kolkata in 2010 . when they deliver the vehicle(force moter price 2.84 lac)(loan amount is 2.34lac )on 2nd day the clutch plate was damaged after that we have lots of issue with the vehicle 1st 2 months i pay the EMI (7000+7000) after that whatever i earned i have to spend for repaired . i complain about to the bank . the bank manger said just pay RS500-1000 every month and keep that vehicle. also i told them i am not able to manage and to run this vehicle i taken lots of loan from my relatives and others but i could't able to run that business. after 2 years i left that and join a job so i can manage my family in banglor. when i came back i went to bank they said we can't do anything your case is transfer to recovery branch then i went there to. they said now you have to pay the loan and thread me. again i went to bank after few months and i asked them to take my vehicle because i can't pay the loan they taken the vehicle.after that i thought they will not do anything .so i plan for my future and i started saving some money in sbi RD . when it got maturity date they put on hold on that money(amount Rs 125000 in 3 years ) and they are not relishing the money. again i went to bank they said we put on hold and you have to pay the rest of amount. now i am totally blank i don't have any money any saving) now PLEASE HELP ME SIR. WHAT TO DO? I AM MARRIED AND I HAVE A SON AND A DAUGHTER .