Seller refusing to accept money

Good Day, Self had entered into an agreement to buy a flat for amount of 52 lacs, out of which the registry amount of 36 lacs. Till date, part payment by cheque for 8 lacs has been made and 2 lacs were paid in cash. Date of final payment had been agreed as 02nd Dec 2016. However after Modijis new ruling, when presented the seller with further part payment in cash, the seller has completely refused to accept the money. He has further said if required, we can extend the time of the deal another 6 months. Now as a buyer I am no longer interested in buying the said property. The seller, shortly after receiving bayana money from us was still showing his property to other buyers, which we accidently came to know when we landed at his residence to gather some papers for a bank loan. The terms and conditions of the agreement to sale clearly state that in case the seller cancels the deal he will be subject to refund twice the total amount and in case we as buyers cancel the deal we stand to forfeit out money. Can we put a legal notice to the seller saying that his refusal to accept the money can be grounds for cancellation? The said currency will be acceptable until 31st Dec, well beyond the date of the contract. I am not interested in receiving twice the amount but just want my money back, as we are not sure about the intentions of the seller as they seem unethical. Please advise.