Mentally torture caused by my wife

Hello, I'm 26yrs old and preparing for UPSC exam 2017. I married in 2014(love marriage. Family was not involved), at that time me and my wife both were earning. My salary was not good as compare to my wife. I was getting 16k while she was receiving 40K, last year she asked me to start my own business and I left my job. After one month she accused me in front of my father that everything we both purchased together belongs to her but after some time she felt guilty and apologized. She took a loan for my education and after three months of training from CMC I started working for TCS from Dec 2015 on a contractual basis. After three months I suffered from liver and lungs infection due to which I had to leave my job in April 2016. After that I started preparing for govt. jobs which she supported me, I took money from my parents and they are sending the pocket money also but now my wife asking 25000 per month for herself and saying she will not bare household expenses. she asked me to leave my rented home also