A Girl is Forcing my friend to get her Marry

My Friend Recently Got Appointed into Central Government Job.. After, Getting this News, a girl who was his neighbor and a childhood friend, is now forcing him to get her marry.... According to my friend, he has talked to her over phone on many occasions but he his not sure whether he has given any promise or commitment related to marriage... But, that girl is threatening him to get her marry otherwise she is going to file a cheating case or false marriage Promise case against him... As right, now he his serving probationary period in a Government sector, he's worried about his job too... Though my friend says he don't remember whether he has given any false promise orally or in texts, but I suspect he might have given a false promise or at least texted her messages like "I Love you or I will marry you, etc".. And my friend says, there is no physical relationship at all and I am Very Much confident about this when he says this (100% no doubt -- No Physical relationship). SO, MY QUESTION IS: Scenario 1: "Assuming he has loved her, gave a False Promise and Now He's breaking up" (Of course, No Physical Relationship) 1. "What happens if she files a complaint against him?" 2. "Specifically, What happens to his job?" 3. "What kind of charges will be applicable?" 4. "Whether texts and Phone Records (Voice records) will be considered as valid and sufficient evidence?" 5. "She is threatening him, by saying "She's going to Commit Suicide if he won't marry her!".. So what my friend can do to safeguard him according to law? Scenario 2:"Assuming No exchange of messages and just a one sided love or infatuation from girl side" 1. "What happens if she files a complaint against him?" 2. "What kind of charges will be applicable?" 3. "What my Friend can do to come out of this trouble?"