High Maintenance Charges by builder

1. Can builder fix maintenance charges based on per sq. ft. or any other method without consent of buyers under the guise that he put one clause in agreement that he (builder) would manage society for first three years and took our signatures while signing the sale deed or agreement? 2. He has also outsourced the society management to third party like JLL who now manages the property without flat owners consent. He is paying less money to the employees of JLL but as per his contractual agreement with JLL he is showing higher expenses on their salaries in the provisional society expenses he has provided to us. 3. Water has to be provided by builders and is a part of approval process of any new residential building project which gets approved by the authority but then too builder recovers water charges from us under the head of essential services? Why do they get approvals when they lack basic or essential services like water, electricity, fire safety etc. 4. Our society is coming up in phases. Currently we are being charged high maintenance by builder before society formation? Builder outsources most of his tasks of society maintenance to third parties and third parties pay their employees less and earn as middle body or middle man. They are main reasons of high society charges. How to tackle them? Is it legal?