My wife filled section 498A against me

Below are things happened from marriage till now: 1. Married in may 2014. 2. We blessed with daughter on July 2015. 3. My father in laws took my wife to there home on Aug 2015 with blaming that we are not caring there daughter . 4.we did not take action on it as we did not do any wrong and waiting there response. 5.After three months i went her home and ask to go with me Delhi but my in-laws and wife denied and blaming new false statements. 6.we keep again silent and waiting there response but no response. i tried and called several times to make her understand but many times my wife did not pick my call while my in-laws lift calls and told me do not try to call further, i recorded all calls. 7.After 1 year she demanding 50% of my salary and if no one from my family talk with her then she will live with my family. 8.i denied this 50% demand and other demand after one week i sent section 9 notice on June 2016. 9.instead of response to my notice, they filled section 498A against me. 10.Police has been registered FIR. 11.All family member except me got stay from high court but i did not. gone to women police station and after hearing me and my wife they result that my in-laws not want settlement. 13. Other hand in my section-9 case she did not appear on any three dates Hence judge declared for ex party(one sided). 14.Now 498 A in mediation and she still not ready to live with me and demanding for all jewellery and things which she got during marriage. During these incident my wife not call me single time to make relation and in-laws also abuse badly with me and denied to return back my wife , i have recorded all calls. please suggest me what stand i need to take further should i keep try to make relation with my wife or i also do same as she doing ? what will happen if she ask for divorce and maintenance ? what happen if they report this incident to my office and request to fire me from my office ?