Ex party evidence

Sir , I have filed divorce on my wife 9 months back in my home town as she filed false 498a on me after talking with elders on alimony as well. But without informing she went to police station and filed false 498a on my entire family. She did not attended for more than 8 hearings. Case status from last 6 months showing as ex party evidence. Unfortunately after filing my memo today she appeared before the court. She did not hired any lawyer till now. Now my query is wil judge go as per the ex party decree or wil he grant divorce in case if she did not filed any petition. Whats the next step since judge had not asked anything saying why you came after long hearings when ex parte evidence is going on. Can you brief me what will happen next. In case if she come and in case if she did not come. Waiting for the reply from your end. Since again court hearing by next week. Can I win the case, since I want divorce to be granted at any cosr bz of her attitude. Please tell me step by step how to get relief and divorce decree to be granted to me.