Sir, I was married on 16 Apr 2016 in Dehradun. The bride had a masi who showed girl. I was agreed and ready for marriage. It was during month of January. Masi had showed the girl to any other person before it and the girl forbade. Our teeka was done on Feb 2016 may on Valentine Day. Now the preparation started and Masi showed faithful and at first she told that gold jewellery was to be prepared and she told that she had a relative who is Jeweller. I had faith in them masi and mausa and I withdrew 30 thousand Rs and submitted to the jeweller. I did not know the jeweller. He gave me receipt for the same Rs 30000. He then told to submit another 70000 Rs as we thought about to get jewelry of Rs 1lakh. Masi and mausa told to prepare jewellery more than one lakh but I was doing this marriage with load of Rs 3lakhs and loans from other friends. From Feb 2016 to 15 Apr 2016 he pretended about the glod association strike. I told him that amount willl be paid on receipt of jewelry. He gave a kitty set either may be less than 50 thousand and a mangal sutra on 15 Apr 2016. Masi of girl was in faith and she took it from jeweller. It may be after less than two to three days the kitty set of gold was returned that new jewellery would be provided and this was taken by masi. ON 15 Apr 2016 Rs 30,000 was given to Jeweller among the presence of more than six persons. Msi said that the jeweller is their nephew and need not to worry. After return of gold kitty set the jeweller except mangalsutra of no holmark was never received. THe Msi and Mausa pretended from Apr 2016 onward till Aug. The jeweller then told that he would give the jewellery of Rs 60,000 excluding mangalsutra and then he befooled me and my relative from 19 Aug 2016 till now. I am a Central Gvt employee of Ministry of Defence. my per day salary is Rs 2000 Rs and I spent about more than one month in this befooling process till date pl help.