Want to bring back my wife?

Sir, I have got married on 12th March,2004 by registry in Special Marriage Act. Though it is a Love Marriage,but the Family Members of both the family has agreed in the marriage & present during Registry Ceremony. In 2006 my Wife left my house & said she want a divorce.But after 3 months she came back & we again lived together.In 2008 , we have new member in our family, Our Daughter. Every thing is going well till 2013 September.But in September 2013 she get ill I've admitted her in hospital,taken full care but it has been found that she don't have any illness except depression.Now my wife & her family members accused me for her depression & not wanting to live with me.But after many conversations she came back home after 2 months.Now it has been found that she has Mental depression & O C D. I treated her in various Hospitals for around 1.5 years & she get cured in 2015. But noway she doesn't want to live with me. Meanwhile, my daughter is living solely with me for last 3 years.I'm taking care of her in all way.Now my daughter is 8 years. I've tried to return her many times, but all in vain. She came 1 month, stay with me,we both going for vacation, & after returning from there she is going back to her parental house. From 16 April 2016 she doesn't have any relation with me. Now I've heard that she is moving towards divorce,498 A & Child custody. Though I don't want a divorce & want to live with her.