Termination notic

Hi, My name is Jatin bhati. I am Working in Sanganer clothing from Oct 2015. While this time my performance was well as per me and everything was fine. last day i get a mail from HR regarding termination notice. It was surprising to me and can't able to understand. This is the content of that latter. " 9th November 2016, Dear Jatin, Sub: Termination OF Employment We regret to inform you that your employment with our company shall be terminated effective immediately from today, for the failure to satisfactorily performance of your duties. We have given you warning for your performance which unfortunately has failed to adhere to the required standard of the company’s expectation. We have been noticing the performance and you are not at par and found in efficient towards your responsibilities given to you regarding work. Your termination is effective from 9th Nov.2016. Company serves you the notice period for a month till 9h December 2016.You have to attend office regularly and finish the work which will be given to you. You are not allowed to take leave during your Notice period. Please submit all the office acits if you have any before 9th of December 2016. " Is this the right way of doing things.