Security deposit

I am living in a rented 3bhk flat in Bangalore with two other girls. The flat owner recently asked us to vacate the house within one month. We have a rental agreement which is valid till next March which mandates a two month notice period and payment of one month's rent as painting charges, in case we wish to vacate. I just moved in here, 6 months ago. I dont want to move. The owner is forcefully making me move and making me pay the extra one month rent. On top of that, he demands the rent of December if we vacate in November, since he might not be able to find a tenant for that month. We are left with almost 20 days to find a flat which is very difficult in the city. In case of the owner giving the notice to vacate, is it legal for him to ask one month's rent as painting charges? And if we are vacating in November, are we supposed to pay him the rent for December? He is also harassing us saying that he will complain to the police that male guests come to our flat. But I dont see on what grounds he can complain.