Sir could you please help me with the contention of this case

Ranjan and Raghu are two friends studying at a local school in Chandigarh. Ranjan is in 11th while Raghu is in the 12th. Both of them are not serious about their studies and have had to drop a year each because they failed. They do not get along very well with their school mates, because of social and other teen issues. On July 2nd 2012 when the school opened after the vacations, both friends were confronted outside the school by another group. The group started teasing them, on which they ignored. Soon one boy out of the group threw a small stone at Raghu, which hit him on the hand. This infuriated Ranjan to an unexpected level and he took a small pocket knife and attacked the boy who had thrown the stone. After that the group started a free for all with the two boys. This continued for some time till the police came and separated them. One of the boys, Dinesh who had been attacked by Ranjan, was admitted to hospital with some injuries. He developed an infection, and died on the 9th of July 2012. Both Ranjan and Raghu have been charged with Section 302 read with 34 of the IPC. Argue 1. Applicability of Juvenile Justice Act 2. Quantum of Punishment considering their age 3. Provocation / Private defence